The beginning

13 Feb

Why should you read this?

And even better, why should I start blogging in the first place?

For fame? For money? Yeah, right… I have more chances of joining the Romanian Air Force and NOT crashing with our world famous soviet era plane: The Mig 21 – aka. Trench Digger & Field Plow than having more then 5 people actually reading this..

In order to satisfy my need of sharing with others my ideas, my desires, my problems? There are thousands of others out there in the blogosphere, doing the same thing.

What should I write about? Should I post some funny jokes or clips from YouTube? Should I pretend to be some undiscovered philosophical genius of mankind and speak about God, DNA, Monkeys, Death and Cucumbers? Should I just read what others are saying and get it all together here?

I know.. By the time I finish this first post it’s clear now. I should just be ME. And that’s what anyone should do, and some are doing. Be yourself. Be as you feel in that day. Maybe that’s the great thing about blogs: if even one person likes you the way you are, or better, you manage to influence that person in a positive way, then you’ve done your mission.

Only 6 457 893 588 people left out there.

So let’s start blogging, shall we? :)

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